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The purpose of imapsync is to migrate IMAP accounts or to backup IMAP accounts. IMAP is one of the three current standard protocols to access mailboxes, the two other are POP3 and HTTP with webmails, webmails are often tied to an IMAP server.

imapsync software is a command line tool that allows incremental and recursive IMAP transfers from one mailbox to another, both anywhere on the internet or in your local network. "Incremental" means you can stop the transfer at any time and restart it later efficiently. "Recursive" means the complete folders hierarchy can be copied. "Command line" means it's not a graphical tool, on Windows you have to run imapsync from a batch file.

imapsync can't migrate Contacts and Calendars. Most email systems don't set or get Contacts or Calendars via the IMAP protocol. No way via IMAP, no way via imapsync but it can be done with other tools or via export/import of csv or ics files.

imapsync is not suitable for maintaining a synchronization between two active imap accounts while the user is working on both sides. Use offlineimap (written by John Goerzen) or mbsync (written by Michael R. Elkins) for bidirectionnal (2 ways) synchronizations.

Alternatives to imapsync are listed in the Similar softwares section.

Facts and figures (back to menu)

Where all those numbers come from? To know wether a newer imapsync exists or not, imapsync does a http GET to the file VERSION. Via the User-agent parameter it also sends:

You can remove this behavior by adding option --noreleasecheck on the command line (or by setting $releasecheck = 0 in the source code). Check CVE-2013-4279.

News about imapsync 1.607 and previous releases (back to menu)

imapsync 1.607 was written on Friday, 14-Nov-2014 17:26:06 CET

See ChangeLog to know what's new in details since 2001.

New features or bugfixes since previous releases:

Good changes made before, listed because they can help:

How to transfer a single mailbox on Windows (back to menu)

Batch file example imapsync_example.bat that you can easily adapt with your parameters.

How to transfer a single mailbox on Linux (back to menu)

Bourne shell script example imapsync_example.sh that you can easily adapt with your parameters.

How to transfer many mailboxes (back to menu)

In order to migrate many mailboxes, you should use a loop over a csv file containing only the data credentials. An example of this file is file.txt, it can be used with the two following command scripts.
On Windows, see sync_loop_windows.bat batch example.
On Unix, see sync_loop_unix.sh example.


Contact the author, Gilles LAMIRAL (back to menu)

View Gilles Lamiral's profile on LinkedIn
Email: gilles.lamiral@laposte.net

Good feedback is always welcome, bad feedback is often welcome.

Buy imapsync (back to menu)

Buy complete and latest imapsync for 50 EUR. There is no trial version but I offer 30-day money back guarantee.

For 50 EUR you will get:

For 100 EUR you can get imapsync full professional support, provided by the imapsync designer and developper (Gilles LAMIRAL) who has been supporting imap migrations since 2001.

imapsync choice
In case you're a European professional, please enter your VAT number it's for accounting and customs declaration. VAT is often 2 letters followed by 11 digits, for example mine is FR74429303332.

At the end of the payment Paypal will proposed you to go back to the site, this link brings you to imapsync download.
You will also receive an email from gilles.lamiral@laposte.net a few minutes later (can fall in Spam folder sometimes).
In order to get an accurate invoice, please make sure the delivery postal address you enter in Paypal suits your accounting department's, since revised editing is not easy and prohibited by law.
The gpg signed invoice will be sent within a few days by email.

If you can not pay with a credit card via Paypal then you can use a bank transfer on this bank account:
IBAN: FR76 1360 6000 9900 0332 2748 564
Code BIC/Swift: AGRIFRPP836

For those of you who buy support, contact me (Gilles LAMIRAL) by email or phone:

The support is done in English, mostly by email or possibly phone/skype/google+/jabber. Office hours start at 10:00, end at 16:00 UTC, extra time is possible in case of emergency. The support aims at helping you to get your imap migration job done, quickly if possible. Support includes things like no time to read the documentation, how to deal with special imap server softwares (Gmail, Exchange), choosing and explaining options, explaining error messages, solving authentication issues, dealing with speed, quotas, special context, running in parallel, etc.

Documentation (back to menu)

Read the INSTALL file to know how to install imapsync on your system.
Windows users should read directly README_Windows.txt.

The README file has many tips to understand imapsync and succeed in your migration or backup.

The OPTIONS file lists main options to change default imapsync behavior and adapt it to your context.

The FAQ file presents Frequently Asked Questions (and not so frequently asked ones) and their answers.

The ChangeLog to read what changed in details since 2001.

The TODO file lists what may be coded or done in the future.

All the people I thank are in the CREDITS file.

What you're allowed to do with imapsync is listed in the LICENSE file (well worth it).

Discuss or search on the imapsync mailing-list (back to menu)

The public mailing-list may be the best way to get free and gratis support (not as quick as the professional support).
You can write to the mailing-list even if you're not subscribed to it.
In that case you will receive a confirmation message each time you post (to avoid spam).

To write on the mailing-list, the address is: imapsync@linux-france.org

To subscribe, send a message to: imapsync-subscribe@listes.linux-france.org

To unsubscribe, send a message to: imapsync-unsubscribe@listes.linux-france.org

To contact the person in charge for the list: imapsync-request@listes.linux-france.org

The list archives are available at http://linux-france.org/prj/imapsync_list/
So consider that the list is public, anyone can see your post.
Use a pseudonym or do not post to this list if you want to stay private.

Search in the imapsync list archives: (change the keywords with your own request and press Enter)

Thank you for your participation to the imapsync mailing-list!

List of imap server softwares supported (and the failures one) (back to menu)

Let's start with the long reported success stories list: 62 different imap server softwares supported!
[host1] means "source server" and [host2] means "destination server":

Let's finish with reported failure stories over the past.
Maybe new imapsync releases can run successfully with them.
Don't hesitate to have a try, It's been a long time since last failure occured, I will help you and make efforts to switch them to the success list, that's my job.

Similar softwares (back to menu)

External online IMAP migration services (back to menu)

I have no share in these free or paid services. I don't think they use imapsync. Prices are given par mailbox and may be outdated (december 2011).

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